F, W y X.

F - Give me any options, like ‘hot or cold?’
¿Soleado o Nublado? (sunny or cloudy?)

W - An idol.
No tengo uno, aún… tal vez Matt Bellamy 
(I don’t have anyone yet, maybe… Matt Bellamy)

X - If I’ve done something I regret very much.
Obedecer mucho a mis papás; y no hacer las cosas que deseo o quiero (Being so obedient with my parents; and not doing what I want or desire)

16.Apr.12 2 years ago
S, V

S - 2 habits.

  • Me muevo mucho al caminar, al hablar, no puedo estar quita. (I move a lot while I’m walking, talking, and I can’t stay still)
  • Toco a la gente cuando platico con ellos, no importa si los conozco o no.
    ( When I’m talking to somebody, I tend to touch them, no matter if I know them or not)

V - 3 big dreams.

  • Tocar algunos instrumentos, cantar y tener una banda. 
    (Play some instruments, sing, and have a band) 
  • Ser una diseñadora gráfica reconocida.
    (Be a well known graphic designer) 
  • Hablar varios idiomas y viajar por todo el mundo.
    (Speak several languages and travel the world) 
16.Apr.12 2 years ago
random question

this is not a random question… thanks for trying ♥

14.Apr.12 2 years ago
yo odio cualquier cosa que odies ;D

Saul! sigamos odiando todo, y amémonos.  ♥

12.Apr.12 2 years ago
2,3,16 :).

2. Nombra a tus 3 bandas que te gusten.
+The Sounds 
(son las que más escucho)

3. Tienes un tumblr crush? 
+No, aún no 

16. Qué buscas en alguien para establecer una relación amorosa?
+ Encuentro esta pregunta muy difícil haha, exijo mucho, creo que en sí lo que busco en un hombre no existe (?) haha o está en otro país :(. Que honesto, que no me oculte las cosas, que sea amoroso, y ame a su familia, que no tema llorar :3 frente de mí o de otra gente (sólo que no sea dramático), que siempre obtenga lo que desee en cuanto a laboral o lo que sueña y anhela, que sea aventurero, carismático, empático, que no tema decirme cosas que a otras personas les suena asqueroso, que tenga intereses y gustos parecidos a los míos y que odiemos las mismas cosas, no sé que más pero sé que olvido algo, pero creo que no pido mucho (?) hahaha

12.Apr.12 2 years ago

unicornsandkittens replied to your post: unicornsandkittens replied to your post: Finally,…

Of course! You know i love ice cream!

We are ice cream enthusiasts 

01.Mar.12 2 years ago

unicornsandkittens replied to your post: Finally, I bought Neapolitan ice cream.


I know! it’s pretty awesome, do you want some? 

01.Mar.12 2 years ago

bad-luck asked you: 1-5

1. Sexual orientation.
- Heterosexual, straight

2. What I’m really bad at.
- I haven’t discover that haha.

3. The one person whose arms I’d like to be in.
- into your armsss (8) I want to be hugged by all my friends (:

4. My best first date.
- I haven’t had one haha

5. A description of my self-esteem.
-I try my best to be confident, and not to take others opinions too serious, but you know… we as humans want to be accepted by others or by our family, friends, lovers, all the people that we care, but yes there are many days that I feel bad emotionally, sometimes for my body, but more often about my comfort zone, and why I don’t try to do all the things I want to, why I’m so repressed by myself, about my idealization of men, 
don’t know, I’m pretty complex and I’m too dreamer so I’m disappointed that I haven’t accomplished my goals.

27.Feb.12 2 years ago
Hi! Happy birthday! I wish this day surpasses your expectations, and I hope you enjoy every moment. I'm glad we met. Eat some pie and stuff :1

Dieguin, you are the best! <3 thank you sweetheart :3

22.Feb.12 2 years ago

ldbeme replied to your post: Today (February 21st) is my birthday, leave a message if you love me, adore me, like me or if you want to wish me a nice birthday.

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

Thank you, you’re so kind <3

21.Feb.12 2 years ago

cestladernierfois replied to your post: Today (February 21st) is my birthday, leave a message if you love me, adore me, like me or if you want to wish me a nice birthday.

Happy Birthday! :)

thank you <3

21.Feb.12 2 years ago

lolareveng answered your question: I have a blog that is intended for every designer/artist to upload their work

I am :D

thanks :D I’ll try to prepare the blog, and then I’ll be posting the info here, so you can get involve. Thank you :3

20.Feb.12 2 years ago

circlesofcircles answered your question: I was looking for ‘tired of eating meat’, then I found this. What do you think?

oh man i love that guy. i forgot about that website

1,182,867 vegetarians have been sponsored by people who don’t give a shit about them or their stupid crusade. hahaha the best

19.Feb.12 2 years ago
soo I sent you a valentine's day e-card but it says you still didn't view it.. type in tumblrlinks[dót]cóm/?hearteater69 then sign up as ''hearteater69'' and view premium inbox

why me? 

18.Feb.12 2 years ago