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Rainy days have taken all my soul, now there is a storm, & I can’t hold it, it’s starting to flood everywhere, and darken my surroundings.

That’s how I feel.

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25.Nov.12 1 year ago

I’m so silly

25.Aug.12 1 year ago

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Finally, after 3 years and a half … I cut off my hair hahaha

I look younger as usual 

Something about us- Daft Punk

Thanks for unfollowing, Come back soon!

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17.Apr.12 2 years ago

New icon, old picture of me

I’m the real Zelda (an old picture of me, edited by me)

I’m just funny and awesome irl

07.Apr.12 2 years ago

I want someone to tell me ‘I love you’ and answer them ‘I wanna fuck you too’

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06.Apr.12 2 years ago

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I wish I had natural red hair. I’m kind of close u.u

06.Apr.12 2 years ago
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